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What to wear with Timberland boots


What to wear with Timberland boots?


Timberlands are some of the most instantly recognisable shoes in the world, but it can sometimes be difficult to decide on what to wear with Timberland boots. From classic casual outfits to more polished looks, we’ve put together this guide to help you pick what to wear with your Timberlands.

How do guys wear Timberlands?

The Timberland boot is a style icon that has been worn by guys for the past 40 years. Even though they have been traditionally viewed as a workwear shoe, traditionally paired with jeans and shirts, they are very versatile and will go well with most clothes in your wardrobe.

You can pair Timberland boots with the basics, like jeans, t-shirts and even sweats for laid back casual outfits, or dress them up with more formal clothes – like chinos, winter coats and shirts – for a more smart casual look.

Timberland boots with jeans

The classic Premium 6-Inch boot in yellow lends itself to a more casual outfit, paired with blue jeans, but the Timberland boots are also available in a darker brown and black nubuck, and these darker colours are easier to match with dark denim for an outfit that is more smart-casual.


Timberland boots with chinos

Timberlands can be paired with chinos for a smarter look, but as with jeans, this pairing works better for some colour combinations than with others. Pairing yellow Timberlands with lighter khaki and blue chinos works well, while darker boots look great paired with grey or black chinos.


Timberland boots with a denim shirt

Timberland boots are an all-American style icon, so pairing them with a denim shirt, another classic American style staple is a no-brainer. As with jeans, lighter denim works well with the classic yellow boot, while a darker denim wash is perfectly accompanied by brown or black Timberland boots.


Timberland boots with sweats

Pairing Timberland boots with sweats may not seem like the natural choice, but the duo has been a mainstay of streetwear style for generations. The key to this is balance, so if you’re wearing sweatpants, wear with a smart jumper, or if you opt for a hoody, wear with jeans.


Timberland boots with a winter coat

Thanks to their durability, practicality and comfort, Timberlands have become the go-to winter boot for many guys, and naturally, they work well paired with a winter coat. You can create different looks based on the colours of the boot and your jacket of choice.

Classic yellow Timberland boots worn with bomber jackets have always been a popular choice for the streetwear crowd while pairing darker boots with a darker raincoat or car coat can create a more polished look.

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Is Timberland a designer brand?

Timberland was founded in 1952, and since then it has been one of the most popular designer shoe brands in the world. When people think of Timberland they usually think of the classic yellow 6-inch boot, which has become an icon of popular culture, leading trends all over the world.

Since its beginnings, Timberland has continued to work hard and innovate and focuses strongly on constantly creating better products, stronger communities and a greener world. You can read a little more about our story here.