Fall is a busy time of year for many of us and Timberland is no exception.  Not only is the fall the perfect season for Timberland® product, but it is also a time when Timberland employees worldwide pull on their boots and make a difference as part of the company’s annual Serv-a-palooza event.  Serv-a-palooza started 19 years ago as the company’s fall celebration of service.  In the fall months, Timberland locations worldwide take a day for employees, business partners, and community members to serve as teams in their communities.  This year the company expects over 1,500 volunteers in 15 countries to complete more than 50 service projects as part of the event.

Since 1992 Timberland has offered employees paid time to serve in the community through the company’s Path of Service™ program.  Full time employees currently receive up to 40 paid hours each year to volunteer in ways that speak to their own passions.  To support employees in using their hours, the company drives two global days of service each year:  Earth Day in the spring and Serv-a-palooza in the fall.  While Earth Day projects typically focus on protecting and restoring the outdoors, Serv-a-palooza projects typically aim to revitalize communities in need.  

"Serv-a-palooza is a Timberland tradition that allows us to bring labor and materials to nonprofit organizations that need the support," said Atlanta, McIlwraith, senior manager of community engagement for Timberland. “As a volunteer, there is nothing more satisfying than working hard to transform a project site for the benefit of others.  At the end of the day, it’s just amazing to see the collective difference the team made.  I get inspired when I think of how Timberland provides that experience for employees, business partners, and community members through transformational Serv-a-palooza projects around the world.” 

Across North America, Europe and Asia, Timberland volunteers celebrate Serv-a-palooza in ways that meet the needs of their local communities.  Some of this year’s Serv-a-palooza project highlights include:

  • In China, volunteers planted trees and engage primary school children in activities that inform and empower them to protect the environment
  • In England, volunteers returned to historic Chirk Castle to clean and restore the park grounds.
  • In Vietnam, volunteers renovated, repaired and repainted a local kindergarten
  • In France, volunteers supported park activities and urban greening projects with local youth to encourage youth engagement in the outdoors
  • In the United States, volunteers in New Hampshire improved grounds and delivered care packages to clients of the Manchester VA Medical Center.

On September 15 alone, Timberland’s global headquarters in Stratham, New Hampshire closed for employees, partners and community members to serve at seven locations throughout New Hampshire and Maine. “On Serv-a-palooza day, we deploy an army of volunteers who are excited to leave a positive footprint in their community – and they do,” said Jason Blades, community service manager for Timberland who leads the planning for the headquarters’ Serv-a-palooza.  “The best thing is that the positive ripples from Serv-a-palooza continue long after the day is over.  The organizations we serve are better equipped to fulfill their mission, and our employees are energized by the difference they made.  It’s a win-win and I can’t wait to see the impact we’ll have at next year’s 20th anniversary Serv-a-palooza.”