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5 light jackets when you don’t want to dress down


5 light jackets for when you don’t want to dress down


Light jackets are by their nature pretty casual. You wouldn’t wear one over a formal suit jacket, for example, so the opportunities to wear one are usually when the formality is dialled down a notch or two. But there are occasions when you’re not exactly formally dressed, but you also want to look smart. We’re thinking professional encounters such as meeting clients or job interviews for relaxed but professional companies. But you also need a light jacket for when you’re going out to a restaurant or just looking your best in the city. If that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve got five of our most popular light jackets that give you a smart edge without making you look stuffy and unnatural.

Men’s Pratt Mountain 3-in-1 Car Coat

You don’t have to own a car to wear the Pratt 3-in-1 Car Coat. You’ll look perfectly at home on the train or stepping into the office wearing our take on the classic men’s overcoat. The 3-in-1 part of the name references the gilet-style inner jacket that you can wear under the coat or on its own for some insulation, or you can store it away in spring and autumn when the coat will warm you enough. The Cordura® fabric keeps it smart and scuff-free for longer, and with adjustable waist and cuffs, it’s tailored for you. It’s also available in light grey.


Classic Trench Coat for Women

Look your absolute best on your daily travels in our classic trench coat. It’s a great length and width for wearing over a light trouser suit, but it’s equally at home when you’re hailing a cab on your way out at night. With six bold buttons and a removable hood, you can wear it open or fastened in rain or shine, and the belt finishes off the smart look perfectly. Prefer something darker? Try it in navy.

Men’s Crocker Mountain M65 Jacket

This one’s great for when you’re working outdoors but still need to look sharp. The M65 men’s jacket comes with an inner warm layer that you can zip on and off to match the temperature. You’ve got five generous external pockets including a hidden inside one, plus a light hood that folds into the collar to keep it smart. The green and yellow versions are perhaps a little more casual, but they retain the fitted silhouette you’re looking for.

Women’s Hix Bomber Jacket

A popular choice for some smart/casual crossover wear is the Hix Mountain Bomber Jacket for women. It’s effortlessly cool, proving that a jacket can have a smart, feminine outline while still passing the swagger test. It’s as simple as you can get – just a zip front, two pockets and a zippable arm pocket are all you get in the way of adornment, and as it’s water-resistant, it’ll keep its looks all year round. The navy one’s just as smart, too.


Stratham Harrington Jacket for Men

Stripped down to the bare minimum, you get a jacket that’s as timelessly cool as it is functional. The Harrington fits the body snugly, ideal if you’re just wearing a shirt, T-shirt or sweatshirt underneath. It’s a jacket that definitely benefits from being zipped up for a really neat silhouette, but if it’s worn open it keeps the angled shape you love. When a jacket fits this well, you just wear it however the mood takes you. In beige it has a real clean, smart look to it, sacrificing none of the mood.

Stay sharp, jacket lovers

Convinced? These looks truly blend street style with lines that stay just on the right side of formal. And as they’re Timberland, you get quality and function as standard. Which one’s your favourite.